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Esme & Ivory


Esme (cream colour) & her brother, Ivory (lynx point), came to us a few months ago after being rescued by another organization. At the time they were about 5-6 months old, were skinny, were under-socialized, and were suffering with respiratory and eye infections. It took some time for this pair to get back up to health, but they’re now doing well and are ready to find a home. We are hoping to find a home for these siblings together.

We believe this pair started off their lives living outside as feral kittens. They are nervous nellies when they are in new environments or when meeting new people, but once they’re are comfortable around you, they are really sweet. Ivory is a bit more brave than is Esme. He is keen to explore the house whereas she is more reserved; happy to sit back and observe what’s going on from afar. They both enjoy head scratches, belly rubs, and some lap time.

Although it took a little while to get to see these kittens’ personalities, one thing that was immediately obvious is that they absolutely LOVE the medium-sized dog in their foster home. They are always rubbing on her, grooming her, letting her groom them, and snuggling. Even when they’re not certain of their surroundings, they love to be around the dog. Because of this, we would really love to see them in a home with a dog that can be their friend.

Esme & Ivory are looking for an adult-only home with someone who has experience working with under-socialized cats. They are only about 8-9 months old so they are still young enough to blossom into wonderful companions. They just need to find someone who has the patience and the experience to help guide them. The kittens are playful but are also very sweet, docile and not super high energy. They would do well in a smaller space, like a condo or apartment.

If you’d like to apply to adopt this pair, please visit to learn more about our adoption process.