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If you are looking for a single cat to be your one and only, Autumn is your gal. This young calico beauty is a great little cat who is very social and easy to get along with. She is almost the perfect cat, but she does have two pretty specific needs when it comes to her new home: Autumn does not like other animals, so she needs to be the only pet in the home, and she really does not like to be stuck indoors all the time. She needs access to a safe, outdoor area, or preferably a catio.

Autumn first came to us from another rescue after being abandoned in a field with her kittens. She was thin and dirty, but had done a good job of caring for her babies. They have since been adopted, and now that Autumn has been spayed, it’s her time to shine. The vet has estimated her at 3 years old.

Autumn’s foster family says that she is curious, independent, and gentle. She is very social and curious with new people too; she’s always looking to say hi and get some pets! She purrs a lot, and seems very content with life. Autumn is low energy but will play with toys when she’s in the mood. She’s very respectful of the home; she doesn’t knock things over, jump on counters or scratch furniture. She would be great for a family that has a human(s) around lots of the day.

Despite enjoying spending time inside with her humans, Autumn loves to spend time outside. She doesn’t ask for much and doesn’t try to escape out the doors or windows, but she longingly spends all day staring outside when she’s being kept in. Her current foster home has a catio and she loves spending time outside. Autumn would be really happy with a safe, outdoor area that she can spend some time in, or perhaps a catio so that she can enjoy nature.

During her time with us, we have discovered that Autumn does not like other animals. She dislikes other cats, and is terrified of dogs! Most of the time Autumn is a great, easy going cat, but when her foster’s neighbour was pet-sitting a dog that spent all day barking next door, it really upset Autumn. She needs to find a loving home where she will be the only pet, and where she can spend some time in nature.

If you have a quiet, comfortable home and would love some company, Autumn might be perfect for you. Please visit to find out how to adopt.