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Black Cat Missing

Teddy Bear is a young, fluffy, black, neutered male cat who went missing Sept 5th. Last seen on the 3000 block of Washington Ave (Gorge @ Washington.) Teddy Bear is a very timid indoor cat. He is not wearing a collar. Please see the attached document for a photo. Call 250-532-3393 of you have any info about Teddy Bear.

Missing Cat


"Cloe" is a spayed female, 5-6 years old (ut does look younger.) She's a short - haired, mixed colored Calico/tortie/torbi with white paws & white marked chest. She has been missing for about 1 week. Her home is down Strathmore Rd. (Langford area.) We have been looking desperately for her night & day! I'm worried sick!! If you have seen her or have found her please call Krystal 250-216-5461 or 250-220-3598 EMAIL: xoxkrystal.lee@hotmail.com. She is afraid of dogs & a bit skittish. She may or may not let you pick her up unless you have treats. Cloe LOVES attention & doesn't attack.

Tabby Cat Missing


Ozwald is a 2 year old, neutered male, brown tabby cat (short haired.) He went missing from the 800 block of View Street on August 17th when the landlord left the balcony door open. Ozwald lives on the second floor so there is the possibility that he may be injured. Ozwald is a very shy kitty and will likely not come up to you. He has a microchip. Ozwald's family is very worried about him. If you have any information about Ozwald please call Phil at 250-886-1816 or his vet at 250-652-4312.

Cat Missing Near Interurban Rd.


My black and white (tuxedo looking) short haired cat has gone missing. He's been gone since Friday April 15th 2011, sometime around 4am . Hes not all that friendly, so I don't imagine he would let someone actually take him in as their own, but if per chance you have, can you please return him to me.

He has white on his face and chest, and some on his paws. He's only 2y, but he is quite large for his age. He has a tattoo in his ear and the # is SC015W. He has been neutered.

I live on Gladiola Avenue, just up from Interurban and down from Carey road.

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