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Precious & Bella


Precious and Bella are a pair of senior kitties who are looking for a home together. Unfortunately, they lost their home after their mom passed away. These two are mother (Precious) & daughter (Bella) and have been together their whole lives. Therefore, it is very important that they can find a home together.

Precious (aka Mama) has the saddest eyes. She’s been having a bit of a tough time adjusting since her owner passed away. Momma is a little bit shy, but is very curious. She loves pets and head butting! She has an adorable habit of wobbling her head a little when she sees that pets are incoming. Precious is 11 years old and is healthy.

Bella has quite an angular face (similar to a Maine Coon) so sometimes she looks like she’s grumpy, but she’s a very sweet kitty. She is very chatty and will always come to you when she wants love. Bella really enjoys belly rubs! She is a bit more social than Mama, but both girls are very sweet. Bella is currently 9 years old and is in good health.

Both of these lovely ladies have spent time in the past with outdoor access, but are also content being indoors, as long as they have a window to watch the birds! They also adapt and learn schedules quickly. They love wet food and will be by your side when it’s time for breakfast and dinner. Leaving crunchy food out is great too, as they only graze a little bit throughout the day.

Bella and Mama are currently in a foster home with other cats, and while they are starting to get used to them, the would prefer a home where it’s just the two of them. They will slowly come to tolerate another cat or two if they are quiet cats that leave them to their own devices. Neither of the cats would enjoy a home with dogs or children.

If you would like to learn more about this loving pair, please visit to learn about our adoption process, and to find a copy of our adoption application.