Loving Memory

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Payton 2.jpg

This handsome Rotti is Payton. He was surrendered by his family because they just didn't have time for him anymore. Fortuantely for Payton, he was spotted by one of the girls working at the veterinary hospital where he was getting his check up, and the next thing he knew, he was adopted. His new home had other dogs to play with, and several cats to supervise. He got to go to work with him mom regularly, and enjoyed meeting all kinds of new people.


Janet crop.jpg

Janet is the oldest cat that's ever been surrendered to VPAS. She and her housemate were given up by their owners when Janet was 18 years old! Janet had a thyroid condition that required daily medication, but was otherwise in good health for her age. Because Janet was a senior, we decided it would be better for her to go into foster care than to wait for a new home at the adoption centre and try to compete with all of the fuzzy-faced kittens to find a new home.



This large Doberman X is Jessie. At only 18 months of age her owner decided that they just couldn't care for her any longer and surrendered her to VPAS. Fortunately for Jessie, only a few hours later she was spotted by one of our dog-loving volunteers and was scooped up and whisked away to her new forever home. Jessie was full of energy, very loving, and playful. She enjoyed her 10 new feline housemates and was obviously glad to have found such a great new home.



Bark came to VPAS as a young, pregnant kitty. She was named Bark because her personality reminded everyone more of a dog than of a cat. She was extremely friendly, followed everyone around where ever they went, and just wanted to make everyone smile. She gave birth to a litter of healthy kittens, and even served as a surrogate mother for an orphaned kitten. Bark was a favourite among our volunteers, and we were all very disturbed when she became ill one day shortly after weaning her kittens.



This wonderfully handsome cat came to VPAS in absolutely terrible shape; one of the worst we've seen. He was 10 years old and was living as a barn cat, but was not being supplied food, water, or medical care. By the time he arrived on our door step he was so thin from being starved that he could not stand, or even hold up his own head. Both eyes were so infected that they were glued shut with pus and he had a large abscess on the side of his head. His coat was so badly matted that had he had the energy to stand he probably would have had difficulty moving around.

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