Success Story

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Feenie & Emeril (now Nickel & Sterling)

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Feenie and Emeril (now renamed Sterling & Nickel) came to VPAS as feral kittens. They were terrified of people and had no interest in being handled or played with. After only a few short days in foster care with one of our feral kitten rehabilitators they quickly decided that people were great. These handsome kitties are now in a home of their own. Here is what their new family has said about them...


Alice 3.JPG

Alice is a great example of a success story. She is one of our famous cases that shows how important the correct environment can be to a cat's health and well-being.



Tina and 13 other cats were abandoned at VPAS in June/08 when their owner was evicted from his home and had no place to go. Tina has since been adopted. Here is the update from Tina's new family:

Tina is a fantastic sweetie pie who gives great snuggles and has a purr like a motorcycle.  We love her to bits already, even though its only been 8 days.  Thanks for looking after Tina until she could come live at our place. 



Milo came to VPAS as a young kitten after already going through a few homes. It was a mystery to us why this handsome little kitten just wasn't fitting in. Well he's now found the perfect home and he couldn't be happier. Here is what his new mom says about him:


Triumph 1.JPG

Triumph was abandoned at VPAS, along with 13 other cats, in June/08. They were all in fairly rough condition and all were ill. After much TLC these cats were ready for adoption. Triumph was among the first of these cats that was adopted. Here is the update from her new family:

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