Success Story

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Alexa (now Polo)


Polo (formally known as Alexa) and her siblings came to VPAS from another shelter where they were said to be unadoptable because they were born outdoors to a stray cat. The kittens were nervous at first but turned into lovely cats and all of them have since been adopted. Here is what Polo's new family has to say about her...


Comet 1 alt.jpg

Comet came to VPAS as a scared senior cat who's owners didn't want him anymore. Right away his unique markings caught the attention of many of the volunteers and we knew it wouldn't be long before he found a wonderful new home. Comet was adopted in early April and he's settled right into his new home. Here is an update from Comet's new mom...


Izzie 1.JPG

Izzie and her siblings came to VPAS from another shelter who said they'd never be adoptable because they were born to a stray cat outdoors. While Izzie and her friends were shy kittens, that didn't stop them from finding great new homes. Here is an update from Izzie's new home...


goldie 2.jpg

Goldie came to VPAS after living as a stray on a farm for more than 2 years. We quickly discovered that this senior cat was un-neutered, had several broken teeth, and was in kidney failure. Despite Goldie's health problems, once he was fixed up and ready for adoption he found a great home very quickly. Here is the update that we received from Goldie's new home.

Ricochet (now Nacho)

richochet aka nacho.JPG

Little Ricochet was found as a stray kitten living on a farm. He was such an adorable little guy that his first day up for adoption he got 3 adoption applications. He is now doing very well and living with his new family in Vancouver.

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