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Marley came to VPAS on Christmas Eve of 2008. He was suffering from major injuries that almost cost him his life. Marley spent 3 months in the veterinary hospital before he was taken into foster care and eventually adopted by his foster mom. Here is Marley's update:

Deuteronomy (now Pumpkin)

Deuteronomy aka Pumpkin.jpg

Pumpkin (used to be Deuteronomy) came to VPAS as a very young, very sickly kitten who needed help. She and 12 others spent several months in foster care working on getting strong enough and healthy enough for adoption. Pumpkin was recently adopted into a great home. Here is what her new family said about her:

Eve (now Puffin)

Eve 1.jpg

Eve came to VPAS a few years ago as a very young mother who had been abandoned with her kittens in a box outside in the middle of winter. She was very thin, she was cold, and she was scared. After being adopted once, she found herself back at VPAS when her human parents got divorced. Eve, now named Puffin, was then adopted into her forever home and is doing well. Here is what her new mom has to say about her:


Gabby 2.jpg

Gabby is a beautiful girl who came to VPAS from a difficult past. She had been through a few homes but has finally settled into her forever home. Here is what her new family has to say about her:

"She's settled in really well, has lost some weight, and is a real sweetheart. She LOVES the sun, and doesn't like to get off our bed on cloudy mornings--it's just not worth getting up if there's no sunbeam to sit in!

The Adoption Society has done a great job with her in light of what she has been through. Thanks very much to everyone who made it possible for Gabby to be part of our family."

Laloo (now Kayloo)


Kayloo (used to be Laloo) first came to VPAS when she was just 4 week old, after being found abandoned by some dumpsters. Kayloo immediately became a favourite at VPAS and as soon as she was ready for adoption the adoption applications came pouring in. She now lives with her family in Victoria and Kayloo has become a bit of a cultured canine. She has grown like a super-weed and is now the star of her very own blog (ok - she shares it with her "big" brother) and likes to update everyone on her adventures. Please go to to see Kayloo's photos and weekly updates.

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