Success Story

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Harriet came to VPAS as a stray bunny who was abandoned on the side of the road near our adoption centre. It was obvious from day one that she was a very sweet and well adjusted girl. She was relaxed, cuddly, and social. None of us could believe that someone would have left her behind. Luckily we knew of a perfect home for Harriet and she was adopted right away. Here is an email update from her new family:

Hi, Thank you so much for our new rabbit Harriet. She is doing great and we are all loving her. Our Guinea pig, Marvin and her are getting along great.

Pookie (now Ninja Cat)

Pookie 3.jpg
Pookie was surrendered to VPAS by her family when she was 12 years old. Although Pookie is a gorgeous cat, we were concerned that her age might work against her and that it would take her a while to find a home. It did take several months, but Pookie has now found herself a great forever home and she's happier than ever. Here is an update from her new family:

Lightening (now Asha)

lightening 2 crop.jpg

Lightening and her siblings were found abandoned in the woods when they were about 6 weeks old. She was very shy when she first came into foster care, but her foster parents worked very hard to socialize her and to make her more comfortable living in a home environment. When she was finally ready for adoption she was adopted through the adoption centre at PetSmart and she found a wonderful home. Here is an update from her new family:


Sherbert 2.jpg

Sherbert and his friends were all found living under a mobile home when they were about 6 weeks old. They had skin conditions and upper respiratory infections, but Sherbert was the first of his group to recover and find his forever home. Here is an update from his new family...

Luda (now Boy Trouble)


Luda (now Boy Trouble) came to VPAS as part of an abandoned litter. He was a very adorable kitten, and he's turning into a handsome kitty. Here is an update from his family.

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