Marley Update

Marley is a young Pit Bull X who came into VPAS' care after being abandoned at the vet with horrific injuries to his head and to one of his hind legs (graphic photos attached below.) He spent over 3 months in the vet hospital recovering from his ordeal, and while he has not been adopted yet, Marley is still one of VPAS' great success stories. He is currently in foster care through Respect-A-Bull Pit Bull Rescue and is enjoying every minute of his new life. New photos of Marley and his foster family are attached below.

Please note: Marley's Photos, Marley Photos 2, & Marley Photos 3 show graphic photos of Marley's injuries and his recovery. Marley Photos and Updates show only photos of Marley enjoying life in his new foster home; they are not graphic.

Marley Update
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