This sweet little senior dog was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Nick Shaw and a group of his staff headed to the Southern States to lend their medical expertise to the animal survivors of the hurricane. Rosie was rescued by the Search and Rescue team and was brought back to Canada by Dr. Shaw because her family could not be found. Rosie was left blind by the hurricane and needed to find a special home. She was quickly adopted by VPAS into a wonderful home where, although traumatized from her ordeal, she settled in nicely.

In Novmeber of 2007 Rosie passed away from Cancer. Remarkably, shortly before she passed away Rosie's new mom was able to find Rosie's previously family and let them know that she was safe. By that time Rosie was unable to make the trip back down to the USA to visit with her previous family and they didn't have the finances to come North and visit with her. Although Rosie and her previous family were never reunited, they knew that she was safe and being cared for by a wonderful new family. Rosie's time in Canada was relatively short, but she received the best care possible, and was lucky enough to be loved (and now missed) by two families, not just one.