This wonderfully cute face comes with a tragic story. When Squeak was only about 10 days old her mother (a stray neighbourhood cat) was trying to move Squeak from one side of the road to the other to take her to a safer place. While the mother cat was running across the road (with Squeak in her mouth) she was struck by a car and killed. Fortunately for Squeak, the vehicle behind the car that hit her mother saw the furry ball go flying from her mother's mouth and rescued Squeak, bringing her to VPAS.
As Squeak grew she appeared to be a little different than your average kitten, possibly from head trauma that she sustained during her accident. Despite this she grew slowly but surely for a few weeks. At only 7 weeks of age Squeak's health began to decline and it was discovered that she had FIV, which quickly took her life.
Squeak wasn't with us very long but she struggled through adversity and didn't give up. All of the volunteers who worked with Squeak will always remember her and miss her terribly. Her bright little face was a joy to spend time with.