goldie 2.jpg

Goldie came to VPAS after living as a stray on a farm for more than 2 years. We quickly discovered that this senior cat was un-neutered, had several broken teeth, and was in kidney failure. Despite Goldie's health problems, once he was fixed up and ready for adoption he found a great home very quickly. Here is the update that we received from Goldie's new home.

"It was a long 3 1/2 hours from the time we left the shelter until Goldie was installed in his temporary digs. He travels well, and there wasn't a peep out of him for the whole trip. In fact, he kept rubbing his face against the carrier. Goldie is settling in quite well. He purrs non-stop and thrives on affection. The boy is a keeper. I know you and the other volunteers have invested a lot of love and care in Goldie, so I will make sure I maintain that very high level of care."