Feenie & Emeril (now Nickel & Sterling)

Nickel & Sterling crop.jpg

Feenie and Emeril (now renamed Sterling & Nickel) came to VPAS as feral kittens. They were terrified of people and had no interest in being handled or played with. After only a few short days in foster care with one of our feral kitten rehabilitators they quickly decided that people were great. These handsome kitties are now in a home of their own. Here is what their new family has said about them...

"They continue to grow and become more brave every day. Nickel by far has been the most bold exploring his new surroundings. He likes pets and snuggles, but often gets tired of them when there is something fun to chase and/or explore. Sterling adores pets and loves to curl up beside you for a nap. Both boys are crazy for the laser pointer – each night we have a laser pointer play time...it is so cute. Overall the boys are doing fantastic. "