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Alice is a great example of a success story. She is one of our famous cases that shows how important the correct environment can be to a cat's health and well-being.
Alice had an appointment with the vet to be put to sleep. She was only 2 years old, was morbidly obese, had choric breathing problems and bladder infections, and had begun urinating around the house. Alice was picked on by the other cats in the household. Because she hid all day long she did not get enough exercise, and because she was a nervous eater she gained too much weight. Her other health problems were the result of her obesity and chronic stress.
With the clock ticking down toward Alice's vet appointment her owner phoned VPAS to ask if we had any ideas about anything that might help Alice and save her life. After a discussion about Alice's environment we suggested that Alice's owner sign her over to us so that we could try her in a new environment to see if her problems improved.
From the moment that Alice went into a nice quiet and loving foster home with one of VPAS' volunteers she began to lose weight, her breathing problems disapated, and she never had another bladder infection, or urinated around the house again. It took several months for Alice to be healthy enough to go up for adoption, but once she was ready she successfully found a great new home. Alice now has the chance (at only 3 years old) of living the life she deserves. Here is what Alice's new family has to say about her...

"We love our Alice!!!! She has settled in nicely and even sleeps on the bed at night... She is learning "to play" and spends a lot of her time "stalking" the birds in my Aviary."