Entrapta 4 (2).jpg

Entrapta and her siblings came to us from an over-full shelter when they were only about 9 weeks old. They were terribly ill with upper respiratory and eye infections and needed a lot of help. They are now about 4 months old and sweet Entrapta is finally ready to head off and find a home of her own. She is a playful, loving kitten with tons of energy. She enjoys playing with toys on sticks and is a great jumper. Once Entrapta is finished playing she usually finds a little hiding spot to have a nap in. She is very cuddly when she is in the mood and loves to be scratched, although she's often on the go and doesn't slow down for too long. This little one really loves to play with her fuzzy worm on a stick and also likes to wrestle with socks! She's an adorable quirky kitten and that's why we love her!

Entrapta and her siblings have been in a home with other cats and with teenagers and get along well with them all. They have not yet seen a dog as far as we're aware. Since Entrapta has grown up around a number of other cats, she doesn't like to be alone. She will be happiest in a home where there are other cats that she can play with.

Since Entrapta was quite ill as a kitten she may be prone to flare-ups of upper respiratory symptoms in the future if her immune system becomes stressed (similar to how people with cold sores have out-breaks if they're stressed or not feeling well.) Therefore, Entrapta should remain as an indoor cat to reduce her risk of coming into contact with things that might stress her immune system.

If you'd like more information about this beautiful kitten, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com.