Finn - Adoption Pending


Finn is an adorable big boy; just the kind of cat that everyone wants. He is friendly and trusting of people. Finn is easy-going about being picked up and handled, and will even let you hold him on his back. He likes to be groomed a lot and you can even rub his tummy once he trusts you. Finn's exact age isn't known but he's been estimated at about 2 years old so he still loves catnip and loves to play, especially chasing strings. Finn chirps and talks a fair bit around people, but softly. He is confident indoors once he has a spot to call his own, but cautious out in the catio where loud noises seem to startle him.

We suspect that Finn would love to have another cat to play with, as he makes friendly approaches to the grumpy old cats in his foster home quite often. They are having none of it but he just backs down when they hiss at him and he doesn't fight. We suspect that Finn may be OK in a home with a cat-savvy dog as well. He will likely be just fine around older kids; he really just wants love and cuddles.

Finn has quite a lot of coat and does shed a fair bit. He enjoys being brushed and he will need a home with someone who is willing to brush him as needed. He wont be the best choice for someone who struggles with allergies.

This handsome boy is smart and either knew how to use a cat door already or caught on to it right away. He has been using his litterbox but may need to have some encouragement to scratch on posts rather than rugs, as he seems to prefer horizontal surfaces. He may do well with a scratch mat of his own that is OK for his to scratch on the floor.

Finn is going to be a lovely companion for whomever adopts him. If you'd like to learn more about Finn, please contact us at