Ferti is a handsome orange kitty who is looking for a very special home with an experienced care giver. He grew up in a quiet home with a single, senior woman. Unfortunately, Ferti's mom passed away and no one in her family was able to keep him. Ferti is a very shy boy and adjusting to life in a new environment and with new people as been difficult for him. He needs a quiet home with a very patient person who has experience working with undersocialized cats.

Ferti is about 4 years old and is a sweet boy once he gets to know you, although he's still very shy. He likes to spend most of his day hiding in his safe space, but comes out when the house is quiet. They key to Ferti's heart is food, so using tasty treats is a good way to bond with him. He is a big, solid cat (not yet fat) but it will be important to watch Ferti's waistline since he's so food motivated. He is the not the type of cat that will do well with free-feeding; he will need to have regular feeding times with measured amounts.

It took Ferti's foster family several weeks to gain his trust, but now he enjoys coming out from hiding for a treat and pets. Interestingly, we have discovered that unlike most cats, Ferti LOVES belly rubs! He drools when he's happy and just wants more and more pets (and looks sad when you stop petting him.)

As you can imagine, Ferti is scared of loud noises and sudden movements, so you have to go slow with him. He will not be comfortable in a busy household or around children. We haven't had the chance to see him around other cats or dogs since he's been with us. Fert is an indoor cat but enjoys the sights and sounds of outside. He would be happy to live in a home where there is a catio that he can hang out in.

If you'd like to learn more about Ferti, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com and tell us a bit about your previous experience working with undersocialzied cats. Ferti is part of our foster-to-adopt program.