Jessalyn - ADOPTED!


Introducing Jessalyn! This kitty is a lovely girl who will make a wonderful addition to her new home. We don't know much about her, except that she came to us from the pound after being picked up as a stray and never claimed. The vet estimates that she's about 5-6 years old and says that she's in good health. Jessa is a lovable girl and seems happy to finally be back in a home environment (foster home) instead of at the pound.

Jessa loves attention and will follow you around when she wants it. As soon as you sit on the floor with her, she collapses and rolls around wanting to be pet.
She enjoys sitting on laps, but not always being pet while she's on your lap. Most of the time she likes getting head scratches, but once in a while she’ll nip to let you know she doesn’t want to be pet anymore.

Jessa enjoys playing with feathers on a string or a bouncy rod. She loves stretching out on pillows and sleeping in bed with her people. We have not seen Jessa around children but because she will use her mouth to let you know when she's had enough attention, she will not be suitable for a home with young kids. A home with teenagers would likely be OK.

Jessa has a wonderful purr and isn't afraid to use it. She also drools profusely when she's happy and getting love. Make sure you've got a towel handy when petting her! She's just a happy girl who enjoys attention. Therefore, we think she'd be happiest in a home with someone who is around much of the time (perhaps retired or works from home) rather than being left alone 8-10 hours a day.

When Jessa was living at the pound, we were told that she wasn't great with the other cats there. She wasn't aggressive toward them, she just hid when other cats were around. We think this girl would be happiest in a home of her own, but she might do Ok with another cat that gave her space and wasn't trying to play with her. We have no information regarding Jessa and dogs at this point.

If you'd like to learn more about Jessa, please visit to learn about our adoption process.