This lovely lady is Olive and she's ready to find her forever home. She came into our care when her family moved away and left her and her litter of two week old kittens behind. Olive was a wonderful mother and her babies have all since grown up and found homes of their own. Now it's Olive's turn to find a loving family.

We strongly suspect that Olive didn't ever get the chance to be a kitten herself. We were told that she's already had at least 2 litters and she's estimated to only be about 2 years old. Now that Olive is getting to live her own life, she's really coming out of her shell. She is affectionate and very playful. She loves to chase toys, pack around feathers, and wrestle with her catnip mouse. Olive is by no means a 'high energy' cat but she does seem to enjoy playtime quite a lot. While she's affectionate and has a great purr, Olive is not a lap cat. She likes to be close to her people and make sure she always knows what they're doing but she prefers to watch from a distance, rather than sitting next to you.

Olive was an indoor/outdoor cat with her original family and her desire to be outdoors has not dissipated. She will be very happy to be in a home where she has either access to a safe outdoor space, or a catio where she can get some fresh air.

This young lady seems to have a little bit of trouble limiting herself when it comes to her dinner. Although she's not a big fan of canned food, she really likes her cat kibble and has been known to over-eat on any occasion where she's had the chance. Due to her love of food, Olive should go to a home where she'll be fed meals rather than having food available at all time. When Olive over-eats her stomach gets upset.

She has been in homes with other cats and dogs in the past, but Olive is very happy to be an 'only child.' She could be in a home with other pets as long as they're appropriately introduced, but she would have no problems being the only pet in the home so that she can get all of the attention. Olive will not do well in a home with small animals (birds, rodents, etc) as she seems to have a pretty strong hunting instinct. We have never seen Olive around children, but we suspect that she'd be OK with older kids that are gentle with her.

If you'd like to learn more about sweet Olive, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com and tell us about your family.