Agatha - Adoption Pending


Agatha is a very sweet, affectionate, adorable little girl who will make a wonderful addition to the right home. We believe her to be a mix between a Chihuahua and a Beagle and she's got funny little legs. She is a lot fun to have around an will melt your heart with her big doe eyes. Agatha loves to give kisses and enjoys snuggling with you when you watch a movie. This little girl is funny, cheeky and silly. She's about 1 year old.

Agatha will make you laugh. She is young and very playful and loves to chase the ball. We are working on "bring it back" and she doing really well so far. Agatha loves stuffed toys, squeaky toys, and toys made for chewing on. She is learning how to walk on leash and she is doing really well. She still needs work but she's learning very quickly. She's showing us how smart she really is.

We have found that Agatha is still shy around meeting dogs so finding a home who will continue to work with her will really booster her confidence. Once she knows another dog, she really loves then and loves playing. She currently has 2 other small dogs in her foster home. We have found that she is a little shy with meeting new people too with some encouragement she comes around really quickly. She has met adults and teenagers, but we have yet to introduce her to young children as we don't want to overwhelm her.

Agatha is an active girl so will need daily walks, and loves to play with her human daily. Since she is still shy around some people, a family with older children, or with an active adult, could be good for her. Agatha has a very busy nose and she loves to smell everything, so games with sent tracking and hide and seek would be super her. Agatha will chase cats and will do best in a home without them.

She has learned to sit on command and she is working on 'down' and 'leave it.' She loves to hear her own voice and is not shy about letting you know if someone has come into her house or her yard. She is learning to quiet down but she needs more work in this area. Her new family will need to continue working on this with Agatha.

If you are interested in Agatha, please visit to learn about our adoption process.