Cosmo - ADOPTED!

cosmo 3.jpg

Introducing Cosmo. This little guy is an energetic kitten who is looking for a home where there is an existing cat that he can play with. Cosmo is very playful and enjoys rough housing with his brothers. Cosmo loves to chase his mouse toy around and to race in and out of his kitty tunnel. He's likes to follow his foster mom around while she's sweeping and bats at the broom when it goes past. He also helps when she's scooping out the litter boxes or refilling the water bowls.

Cosmo is not an overly vocal kitten but he has a loud voice when he has something to say. He's not a fan of being picked and carried around but when you sit on the floor or the couch he's happy to curl up in your lap. His ideal home will have a playful feline friend that Cosmo can become friends with. He isn't comfortable around young kids but he'd be happy in adult-only home or one with teenagers.

This little guy will make a great addition to his new home. If you're interested in Cosmo, please visit to find out about the adoption process.