Mary Jane - ADOPTED!

MJ 5.jpg

Meet Mary Jane. This little fireball has a personality and a half and injects energy into every room she enters. You'd never know that MJ came from a neglectful home because she is very well socialized and has a huge zest for life. She is happy-go-lucky and is always on the go. We don't know exactly how old she is but the vet estimates that she's just over a year.

Although MJ is a cat, sometimes she acts a bit more like a dog. She goes galloping to the door to greet her foster parents as soon as they get home from work, and she follows them all around the house. She has lots of classical cat traits too and is always making her fosters laugh. MJ is very chatty and likes to tell you all about her day. She loves watching and chirping at birds outside the window (her favourite place is to sit is on the back of the chair looking out the front window.) She sleeps at the foot of the bed, and when she thinks is finally time to get up for breakfast she will attack your feet under the sheets. Mary Jane is a jumper and loves to chase after the feather or ribbon on a stick. She is curious about everything, and can make a toy out of almost anything. If you're working on the computer she loves to play with the curser on the screen, making work very difficult. MJ is very food motivated. She loves wet food and will kind of squeal when she sees it getting ready.

Although Mary Jane is a very friendly and social cat, she gets very highly stimulated with activity and plays very hard. When she's playing she likes to bite and kick with her back feet. She has no intention of hurting you, but if she chomps a hand or foot while playing, it doesn't feel very nice. She’s good at responding to the word "no" but it's important that MJ's new family is aware of how to properly work with MJ's play-style and how to avoid her teeth and nails.

Mary Jane does not like to be alone, and panics when she's locked away in a room or a crate. She will be happiest in a home with someone who is around a fair bit. She'd be OK in a home with someone who works, but if someone in her family works from home or is home for much of the day, she'd be happier.

MJ seems OK with other cats, but any other cats in her household would have to be able to keep up with her energy and play-style. Sometimes other cats don't react well to her intense energy. MJ would be perfectly happy to be the only cat in her home so that she can get 100% of the attention. MJ absolutely hates dogs and will actively attack them. Therefore, she will not be suitable for a home with any k9s. Although she's a friendly cat, an adult-only home will be ideal for MJ because she's a bit much for children.

When Mary Jane first came into our care, she had a horrible respiratory infection caused by Feline Herpes Virus. FHV is much like the herpes virus that causes chickenpox in people (in the sense that relapses can occur later in life if the immune system becomes stressed/depressed.) Due to the severity of the infection that MJ had, she has scarring in her nasal passages. This causes a condition often referred to as 'chronic snufflers' which means that MJ will have significant congestion and mucus production, likely for life. This can be treated with a special cat decongestant as needed.

If you'd like to learn more about Mary Jane, please contact us at and tell us a bit about your family.