Bliss - Adoption Pending


Meet Bliss! This beautiful and exotic feline is a lovely girl who will keep her new family on their toes. She and her kittens came to us from a hoarding situation, so little is known about her past. The vet estimates that she's about 3 years old and has probably spent much of her life being a mom to litter after litter of kittens. Everyone who meets Bliss falls in love with her because she is gorgeous and sweet, but she will need a home with someone who has lots of experience dealing with exotic breeds.

Bliss is a cross between a Pixie Bob and a Bengal cat, although her physical and behavioural traits are predominantly Bengal. She is very small and sleek and is incredibly athletic. Bliss is inquisitive and loves to explore. She has absolutely no qualms about jumping back and forth from the top of one book shelf to the another and can leap from the floor to the top of the fridge in one effortless bound. Bliss is not mischievous or destructive at all, but her curiosity and athleticism make it difficult to restrict her activity to places such as counters, tables, and shelving. She is also incredibly smart and figured out how to open closed doors within a few days of being in her foster home.

This girl is a supreme hunter, and while she's an indoor-only cat, she can hunt a feather toy on a string like none other. She absolutely loves to play chase with wand toys and can leap high into the air to take down her favourite feather toy. Bliss' new family will need to have the time to have daily play sessions with her in order to keep her mentally simulated. An enclosed outdoor catio or play area would be a wonderful asset for Bliss because she just loves to leap, jump and explore.

When Bliss is not playing, she is a sweet and cuddly cat. She would love to have a family that will allow her to sleep on the couch or on the bed with them, although she does enjoy napping on the top level of her scratching post too. She has a great purr and enjoys getting her head, back, and belly rubbed.

Bliss loves to chatter and tell you about her day and will show off her very loud voice when she wants something (usually food.) When Bliss has an opinion on something, or if she needs something, she is not afraid to let you know and she's pretty hard to ignore. With one of the louder yoddels we've come across, she makes her point in a hurry. She also employs a number of other sounds, such as chatters, chirps, and growls when she's got a story to tell.

During her time in our care, Bliss has not come into contact with any dogs, but she has met several cats, all of whome she's been ok with. She came from a house where there were multiple other cats so we suspect she's used to being around lots of others felines She has been an absolutely wonderfully attentive mother and would probably like to have a feline friend that she can baby and look after. Bliss has no experience with children but would likely be ok around teenagers or older kids. Due to her high prey-drive, Bliss should not be around smal pets (such as hamsters, rats, etc.)

Of the nearly 20 cats that came from the house that Bliss did, almost all of them were suffering from Feline Herpes Virus (FHV). Bliss was one of 2 cats from the house that was never ill and did not require medication. From this, we can surmise that she was likely vaccinated as a youngster and has some protection, although she is probably a carrier of FHV. On occassion, one of her eyes waters a bit but it has not required any intervetion or treatment. Due to this, it is essential that any other cats in Bliss' new family be up to date on their FVRCP vaccine. It also means that she needs to remain an indoor cat (although outdoor time in a safe, fully-enclosed area would be ok). Bliss does seem to have some areas where her hair is patchy and the vet believes it may be related to her hormones (which we hope will resolve as soon as she spayed in mid-Jan) but it's also possible that it is related to food allergies (a theory we are in the process of testing.) She may need to have a hypoallergenic diet in the future.

If you'd like to learn more about this special little lady, please contact us at and tell us about your family. We'd love to hear a little bit about your previous experience with this breed of cat. Bliss will be a wonderful cat for the right household, but not every cat-loving home will be properly set up for her. For this reason, our foster-to-adopt program will be required for Bliss, which means that we will be restricting adoptions to homes on southern Vancouver Island only.