Eve - Adoption Pending


Eve is a very affectionate and loving cat and will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She will be a little shy and scared in her new home for a few days, but soon after she will start to venture out and check out her surroundings. She came from poor circumstances and was quite skittish when she first arrived. She's learning how to trust new people, but she doesn’t like to be near someone who is walking, and will always run away. However, as soon as you’re sitting down she will come right over to you. Eve loves to sit beside her foster mom and enjoys being petted and talked to. She is a very vocal cat and likes to chat about her day. Eve is quite “pawsy”, which means, if you ignore her when she’s sitting beside you, she will stroke you with her paw until you pay her some attention and give her some attention. Eve is a very playful cat and will bond well with someone who is willing to take the time to play with her daily. She loves to run around and burn off energy a couple of times a day, but other than that, she is very quiet and self sufficient. Eve is most likely suited to be an “only pet” in a house hold. She has lived with other cats in the past but tends to be grumpy around them. She's much happier being the queen of her own castle. Eve is an indoor cat.

If you'd like to learn more about Eve, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com and tell us about your family.