Gucci & Boots - ADOPTED!

180514 Gucci Boots 3.jpg

Gucci & Boots are a lovely pair of adult male rats who are looking for a new home. They were not getting along with the senior male in their home so their family asked us to find them a new loving family to ensure that they were able to get all of the love and care that they deserve.

Gucci is the hooded rat and Boots is the Black Berkshire. They are a little bit shy around new people because they weren't handled properly when they were young, but once they get to you know they're sweet and easy to pick up. They love to explore and will sit with you when they're tired, but they are so curious and like to check out new spaces.

Boots is definitely more of a dominant guy and enjoys play fighting and interacting with his foster mom. Sometimes when she has him out he does get a little hyper / over-stimulated but if you just let him do his own thing and don't smother him with pets he chills out pretty quickly. It will be important that he goes to a rat-experienced home to help with this.

Gucci is a bit more shy but still loves interaction. He likes chilling on his foster mom's lap and to get head scratches. He will pick play fights with his brother even though he hardly ever wins.

Both boys are well suited to a quiet environment in an adult-only home. Although they spend a fair bit of the day in their cage, they are in the living room so are still constantly interacting with their foster family, which they really enjoy.

If you'd like to learn more about Gucci & Boots, please contact us at and tell us a little bit about your family.