Mysty - ADOPTED!

IMG_1022 (1).jpeg

Meet Mysty. She is a quiet and kind senior girl who is looking for an adult-only home where she can be the queen of her castle. Though shy at first, Mysty warms up quickly, and loves having her head and chin scratched. You know when you've totally earned her trust because she will be making her way onto your lap for extra cuddles. Mysty's favourite activities include playing with her feather toy or fishing rod, rolling around in piles of cat nip, chasing balls of yarn, tearing up her scratch pad, finding the warmest spot on floor in the sunshine to sprawl out and watching "Videos for Cats" on YouTube. Loud noises tend to frighten her so a household that is calm and peaceful would work best. Mysty is the queen of her household and would do best if she was the only cat as she has an alpha personality around other felines. She has no experience with dogs. Mysty is overweight and has a little bit of a sensitive stomach so is on a diet but otherwise is in good health. Mysty is an indoor-only cat.

If you'd like to learn more about Mysty and whether she'd be a good fit for you, please email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself.