This beautiful calico kitten is Genie. She grew up with 4 brothers that she had to keep in their place, so this little girl is feisty. She is always the first one to the food dish and she pushes her brothers out of the way to take over the best cuddle spots. Genie is a stubborn and head-strong kitten but she is a real gem too. She's a great snuggle bug and will make a wonderful little companion. Genie will likely get along well with other cats and with dogs, given the proper introduction.

When Genie first came to us she had a bad respiratory infection from living in poor conditions. She is healthy and doing very well now and ready to find her forever home. Due to the bad cold that Genie had when she was young, she may have a flare-up if her immune system becomes compromised in the future. Therefore, she will do best as an indoor only cat.

If you'd like to learn more about Genie, please email us at and tell us about your family.