Poor Snowie came into our care after her owner was hospitalized and unable to continue caring for her. She is an absolutely lovely cat with the most affectionate personality, but she has some medical needs that must be attended to before she can be adopted. Snowie only has a few teeth left and they are in bad shape; they are infected and causing her pain. Snowie is scheduled for dental surgery June 15th and will also be having surgery on her ears to repair damage caused by sunburn (common in white cats that live outdoors) and to have a mass removed from her side. We are also suspicious that she may have hyperthyroidism, so we currently have some lab tests pending to determine that. So far, Snowie's vet visits and blood tests have cost about $600 and her upcoming surgery will cost about $1500. On-going veterinary costs will depend on the out-come of her pending blood tests and the biopsies that will be done on the 15th.

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