Sweetie & Salty

20180915_150638 (1).jpg

Meet Sweeite & Salty! This pair of girls will make a great addition to a rat-savvy home. They are just over a year old, and are social, curious and quite easy to handle. Exploring and running on their wheel is their favourite thing. They like toys, treats and cuddling, and wrestle with each other quite a lot. They will do best in a home with someone who has previous rat experience.

Here is what their foster mom says about them:
They are full of beans and very curious. Lovely girls, not thrilled at being caught, but enjoy the attention once out of the cage. Salty is the more social one, always wondering what I’m up to. Sweetie likes the hammock a bit more, and is content to stay in there for long periods (kinda like me on the weekends ... lol ). They love their cage being in a spot where they can see everything. Salty really likes to touch you with her tiny paws as she gently “tastes“ fingers.

If you would like to learn more about Sweeite & Salty, please contact us at victoriapets@gmail.com and tell us about your family.