Quincy (now Gus) & Mr. Mistoffelees (now Alfie)

Quincy & Mistofelees.jpg

Gus & Alfie each came to VPAS at different times. Gus came to us in 2008 & Alfie was a kitten that came to us as part of a large rescue in 2009. Gus was adopted fairly shortly after he arrived and he made such a great family cat that his family soon came looking for another great companion. They are now the best of friends. Here is an update from Gus & Alfie's family:

My partner and I adopted two cats through you guys. Gus and Alfie.

We adopted Gus (previously Quincy) in 2008. We're still confused about why someone would ever surrender him - he's the gentlest, sweetest cat ever.

We adopted Alfie in September 2009 (previously Mr. Mistofelees.) For one of his exam reports under temperament the examiner wrote "tried to climb me" - Alfie still likes to climb to your shoulders and sit there. He was a terrorist as a kitten - but very cute. He's chilled out now of course and but definitely still mischievous in the most honest way. He's so cute and sweet.

We just wanted to let you know that they're both very loved and very spoiled. They're great cats. It took Gus a while to come around when we brought Alf home, but Alfie was very persistent - and they're bffs.