Goldie came to VPAS as an older adult cat in 2009. He was a lovely cat with a gentle soul who had been living as a stray after being abandoned in a farming district. Shortly after arriving in our care Goldie was diagnosed with kidney failure but that didn't stop him from finding a wonderful home in short order. Although Goldie was only with his new family for a few years, they were the best years of his life. Here is an update from Goldie's adoptive family:

I adopted Goldie from the VPAS in January, 2009. Although Goldie had CRF (chronic renal failure) he wasn't symptomatic until very recently. Goldie had great zest for life, and he was always curious about everything. Goldie liked to throw his weight around with the others, but that was part of his lovable and feisty personality. Goldie, though not a lap cat, was always up for a pet and a scritch, and until very recently slept on my bed every night. Goldie liked nothing better than to lay in the sunshine and he loved the heat. Earlier this year Goldie started to lose a lot of weight though he still had a voracious appetite. We put him on subcutaneous fluids and pills but he hated both. Today, he was very miserable and would neither eat nor drink. The vet agreed his time was at an end and we sent him off to the Bridge on a wave of love. Thank you for letting me share Goldie's life for the past three and half years. Goldie was an awesome kitty.

The attached photo was sent to us from Goldie's new family. He used to love sitting on the enclosed deck & enjoying the sun.