Venus (now Annabelle)


Venus and her siblings were feral kittens and they came to VPAS from another rescue group. When they first arrived them were very shy, but after a few weeks in foster care they came out of their shells and found great, new homes. Here is an update from Venus' (now Annabelle) new mom:

Her new name is Annabelle, but I really should have called her Flopsie. Her original write up included that she loved to flop down on the floor to get tummy rubs, and she still does, but it is also her mode of travel when getting off furniture. She just stretches out, wiggles, and kicks her legs until she flops onto the floor. It's kind of hilarious.

Annabelle is pictured here with her sister Strauss. It took a few months but they are growing on each other and becoming closer than I ever could have imagined, thank you for all the info you provided on introducing two cats. They used to keep to their own baskets. Now one seems to be enough for the pair. It is such a joy to walk into whatever room they are hanging out in and see them snuggled together, and yes Bella is usually flopped on top of Strauss.

Thank you for bringing this lovely girl into our lives. She is such a character.