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Zoe (previously ZiZi) started life as a feral kitten and came to VPAS from another rescue organization. Although she was a shy girl, she was adopted by some loving people who provided her with a safe home where she flourished and became a cherished part of the family. Sadly, just over a year later, Zoe fell ill and her veterinarians were not able to save her. She is greatly missed by her family, who sent us this memorial:

Zoe was a very special, loving and quiet cat. She always loved to cuddle, sleep and hide in anything she could find. From blankets to box springs, she would love to bury herself and sleep for hours. When she woke up, she enjoyed playing "fetch"! and being brushed. Even though she was only with us for just over a year, she made a permanent impression. We will never forget her, and look forward to crossing Rainbow Bridge together.