Cash is one of VPAS biggest success stories for 2010. He came to us as a 6 month old puppy with a badly broken leg that needed major surgery to fix. Cash was in the vet hospital for a number of weeks before beginning his slow recovery in a foster home. Almost 2 months after Cash arrived at VPAS he found his forever home, and he has continued to attend rehabilitation sessions at the doggy pool to make his leg strong. Here is a letter from Cash (that his new parents helped him write) telling us of his adventures in his new home.


I wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing in my new home.

I’m settling in well and getting used to how things work around here. I have a great “big” sister to show me the ropes and she loves to play with me in the garden. I always let her win our little tussles though! There are lots of toys around as well. Mum and Dad take me out to some really interesting places and I’ve been able to meet lots of different people and canines. My favourite trips are when we go to the beach or to the lake – I love swimming and get so excited when we get near the water!

I’m still continuing my hydrotherapy. Cory at FitFurFun says that I’ve got a lot stronger and fitter. The hair on my leg has all grown back, and you can’t tell that I’ve had an operation at all. Mum and Dad have slowly started running with me – I did my first 5km run with them on the weekend – it was GREAT! I’m also going to training classes at Connective Training. It’s lots of fun – and I get to eat lots of treats as well. Apparently I’m quite the star pupil. I have now learned to lie down, walk to heel (that is hard), go off leash (easy), and to stay (that was tough but I think I have mastered that now). This week we get to walk around a mall - not sure why but I think they said something about dealing with distractions.

I'm sending you some pictures so you can see what I've been up to. I also want to thank you for finding me such a wonderful place to live, and to thank all the people who helped support you in getting me get fixed up.

Love and Licks,