Reese (now Pixel) & Teeny Tim (now Timbit)

Reese & Teeny Tim.jpg

Reese (now Pixel) came to VPAS as part of a litter of kittens who were born to a stray mom. He was the most cuddly and outgoing kitten of the bunch right from the get-go so it wasn't a surprise that he was the first to find his forever home. Lucky for Reese, he was being adopted into a home with another kitten (Tim) who was also recently adopted from VPAS. Teeny Tim (now Timbit) came to VPAS in the summer after being found at the dump. He was quickly adopted by a loving family and settled right in. Here is the update on both kitties from their new family.

"Reese" - whom we are calling "Pixel" was very shy for the first day, spending a lot of it under sofa and bed and shelf as Timbit followed him literally everywhere. Day Two saw him a little braver, and now after nearly a week Pixel and Timbit are good playmates and all but inseparable! They play together and sleep together, jockeying for position on the bed and trying to see who can purr the loudest. Andromeda is relieved that Tim has a friend to play with and is no longer leaping on her neck whenever he is bored. Pixel has fit right in - social and playful. We're delighted to have him in our lives. Many thanks.