Sage 3.jpg

Sage originally came to VPAS from another rescue organization after being found in a humane cat trap during a feral cat sterilization project. She was scared, sick, and skinny, and she had a terrible injury to one of her eyes. She really blossomed into a sweet little girl and once she was adopted we emailed some of the photos that her new dad sent to us, on to the person who originally rescued her. This is her response to that email...

"Oh my god! I barely recognized her! She looks amazing! She has come soooo far from the sickly-lethargic, scared, little thing I found in my trap! She just looks wonderful and very content! Thank you so much. It is these pictures and happy endings that keep me going in cat rescue. Thank you soooooooo much - my eyes are full of tears right now. She so deserves her new life!"