Adoptable Kittens!

We have several kittens that will be ready for adoption in early June. Due to the number of people who have inquired about adopting them, we will begin accepting adoption applications now. When the babies are ready for adoption we will contact those who have the best potential to be a right match for each kitten. In an effort to minimize adoption visits and stress for our kittens and our foster homes, visits will be set up only with those who are best suited for each kitten.

Charlie Needs Your Help

Charlie 2.jpg

Charlie is one of many kittens that came into our care last fall from very poor living conditions. Although he seemed relatively healthy (as compared to the other cats) he had a persistent ear infection that was not responding to medications or treatments. Charlie's vet suggested that when he was under anesthetic for his neuter, that he get a special scoping procedure to get a good look at the inside of his ear.

Foster Home Urgently Needed For Rabbits

Shamrock and Limerick are a pair of rabbit sisters who are looking for a foster (or adoptive) home together. You can read more about them at

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

February and March are naturally the quietest months for us so we took some time off to give our hard-working volunteers and foster families a little bit of a break. Now that we're back, we have had some new critters come into care, but we're still getting to know them so they're not available for adoption quite yet. Bios of new adoptables will be posted in April, so check back soon.

We're Away

We're Away

February is always quiet month for us, so our volunteers have taken this time for a little get away. A few are on vacation and one is at a work conference. Therefore, updates may be sparse for the rest of the month, as the volunteers wont always have consistent internet access. Thank you for your understanding. We'll be back to regular posts in March.

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