This pretty lady is Pixie. She is our newest adoptable and is looking for a quiet adult-only home in which to spend her retirement years. Although Pixie is only 8 years old, she’s had a difficult year and deserves to find a relaxing place to land.

For her entire adult life, Pixie was a much-cherished member of a loving family. She lived with an adult couple and their older cat. The two cats got along famously for 7 years, but in 2022 the family underwent a major change and things started to fall apart for Pixie. The stress of the family changes seemed to have affected Pixie and her kitty companion significantly and the two of them started to bicker. The family tried everything to resolve the tension between the two cats but it continued to escalate over the course of the year. After trying everything recommended by trainers and vets, the family had to make the difficult decision to rehome one of the cats before someone got seriously injured, and they opted to rehome Pixie because she was the younger of the two cats.

Pixie is quite a loving cat and she really enjoys spending time with her people. She can be independent too and is happy to find a quiet spot under the bed or in a cozy nook to relax if her family is out of the house. However, once everyone is home and settled for the evening, Pixie enjoys sitting on laps and accompanying her fosters for some quality TV time. As any cat can be, Pixie can be sassy if you’re doing something she doesn’t like, but she’s quick to forgive and cuddle once again. She’s not a fan of being picked up, but does like laps.

Prior to the change that led to upheaval in Pixie’s life, she was known to get along well with the other cat in the home, however, this is the only cat that she’s be in contact with since she was a kitten. Therefore, we don’t know how she’d be with new cats. Her previous family did have a large dog visit a few times and Pixie seemed interested. She might do Ok in a home with a quiet, cat savvy dog that respects Pixie’s space. At this time, she is in a foster home as an only pet and she seems quite content. She will likely do well as an only pet, but it’s possible that she may also do ok in a home with another quiet, respectful cat or dog.

As you can see from the photos, Pixie is a longhaired cat and has a thick coat. She will need an family that is willing to keep her groomed on a regular basis. She does enjoy being brushed, but only has tolerance for it for a little while each day. Therefore, regular brushing sessions will help to keep Pixie’s coat in good shape.

If you are interested in adopting Pixie, please visit https://victoriapets.ca/adoption-process/ to learn about our adoption process and to find a copy of our online adoption application.