Adoption Pending

Grey Tabby Cat

Gracie is a gentle and social kitty who is looking for a loving home. Working from the home office? She’ll ask that you pull up a chair for her to participate in your Zoom meetings. Watching Netflix? Make room for her on the couch (preferably on your lap or chest). Cooking dinner? Gracie hopes you won’t mind if she sits on a bar stool at the island and supervises. Off to bed? Perfect, it’s her bedtime too.

Gracie enjoys routine, and it must be one with a lot of adult human presence and feline interaction. She’s ideally suited for a single person or couple, preferably with a frequent at-home presence (work from home or retired would be ideal), and where there is a calm, gentle, older male cat. Gracie is very eager to bond with her humans, and has displayed separation anxiety when separated from her foster mom for longer than a typical 8-hour work day. She would greatly prefer to be let in to sleep in the same room as her humans at night and isn’t afraid to fling herself against the closed bedroom door and meow if you don’t let her sleep with you. She does calmly sleep through the night without issue and enjoys a bedtime routine, as long as she’s in close/immediate proximity to her humans. Gracie has also shown some compulsive grooming when she is stressed or anxious, which is usually the result of not getting enough attention.

Gracie would also benefit from a respectful and calm companion cat, who could help introduce her into a household routine and provide company to ease Gracie’s separation anxiety. Gracie is very gentle, and would not do well with an overly-assertive or domineering cat companion. She also isn’t really interested in high-energy or playful cats. Her ideal companion will be a quiet, older cat that is happy to have Gracie around and who might cuddle with her, but who isn’t following her around or trying to engage her in play. Since Gracie does like to spend such a lot of time with her people, it’s important that any existing cats in the home aren’t likely to be jealous of this behaviour. In the past, Gracie has gotten along better with male cats than with female cats, but she has gotten along with both.

Gracie’s personality shines when she is comfortable in her home and close to her people. She loves to play with catnip-filled toys and take a spin or two around her foster mom’s apartment during an occasional case of the zoomies. Gracie is very into eye-contact and deep conversations; if you’ve had a bad day at work or need a non-judgmental ear to dish all your secrets to, she would happily stare deeply into your eyes and listen intently. Her rumbly purr is almost always on, especially when she’s cuddled up close to you and receiving your full attention. She would make a sweet and adoring companion for a home-oriented individual or couple who are willing to give Gracie the attention and human interaction she craves.

Gracie is not comfortable with dogs or with children. She needs a calm, quiet, home with another older cat for companionship. Although she is an indoor cat, Gracie does enjoy watching the birds outside and would like a spot with some windows where she can watch the wildlife outside, and/or have a catio that she can spend some time in.

Please note that due to increasing numbers of COVID-19 in our province, in an effort to minimize risk to our foster homes and discourage non-essential travel, we will only be considering adoptions on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands at this time.