Fluff & Puff


These handsome boys are Fluff & Puff and they are looking for a home Together. Fluff & Puff are about 1 year old, have gorgeous long coats, and neutered, and have completely different personalities! They are looking for an experienced owner how is excited to give this pair the loving home that they need and help them both flourish in different ways. Fluff & Puff came from a hoarding situation and were quite under-socialized when they first came to us. Once Fluff realized that people bring food and are nice, he really came out of his shell and became quite outgoing, but Puff is still leery of new people and will take some time to settle into a new environment. 

Fluff is the social butterfly of the pair. Once he’s used to you he loves attention and can’t seem to get enough. He is always under-foot, especially if he thinks you might have gifts of food or treats. Fluff has a great purr, loves head rubs, and will rub his face all over you to mark you as his own. Although Fluff is a social butterfly who wants lots of attention,  he does have a quirk that needs to be managed. Fluff didn’t have a lot of socialization when he was young so getting love is still new to him. Therefore, he can get over-stimulated sometimes when being pet and he hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with this yet. He will be enjoying gentle pets and asking for more attention and then all of the sudden he will reach out and smack you with his paw, often there will be multiple smacks. Sometimes, he will also nip at your arm or hand if it’s within reach. He is not lunging or acting aggressively; it is simply a warning to stop. However, when you stop, he starts rubbing up against you and purring again 2 seconds later. Due to this behaviour, it will be important for Fluff to go to a home with an experience cat handler that can read his body language and adjust their actions based on how he’s feeling. He will also need to be in an adult-only home. 

Puff is the shy one of the pair. Puff hasn’t yet learned to trust people so he hasn’t really come out of his shell too much. Puff spends most of his time hiding or sitting in areas where he’s out of the way and can just watch things from a distance. If Puff is in his comfy spot his foster mom can approach him and pet him and while he’d doesn’t really enjoy it too much, he’s starting to. He needs a new mom or dad who is kind, and patient, and who will take the time to slowly get to know Puff and let him know that everything is OK. But is new family also needs to be willing to work with him to have him come further out of his shell. If he’s left to his own devices he will just continue to be shy, but if someone is willing to spend quiet time with him every day he will slowly emerge from his cocoon and we’re quite sure he’ll become a wonderful companion. 

Neither of these boys have any positive experience with dogs so are nervous of them at this time. They would absolutely love to have some sort of secure outdoor area to hang out in like a catio or enclosure, or a big picture window where they can watch the birds outside. They are indoor cats but do enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The boys have very long, fluffy coats and will need to have regular grooming. 

If you’d like to apply to adopt this handsome pair, please visit https://victoriapets.ca/adoption-process/ for info regarding our adoption process and to submit an online adoption form.