Flower & Bambii


Pair of guinea pigs

This lovely pair of guinea pigs is Bambii and Flower. They are 1 year old sisters who are bonded and want to find a home together. These two are sweet, well rounded and clean pigs. As with most guinea pigs, they don’t love to be picked up, but when they’re comfortable on the ground they are friendly and inquisitive. They’re used to having free roam of a safe, piggy-proofed space indoors and would love to continue this lifestyle. They’re not comfortable with children but would really like to be part of a family where they can be involved in what’s going on. The two get along with each other well but also enjoy human interaction and would like to be part of the family (rather than being left to themselves all day.) We have tried introducing them to other guinea pigs, and they are just a bit too dominant to get along well with other piggies. Bambii & Flower are sweet girls but due to their discomfort with being picked up/held, they should go a home that is already experienced with guinea pigs.