tabby kitten

Chevy and his sister, Nova, came to us from a hoarding situation where there were way too many animals and they had not received proper socialization when they were young. Therefore, this pair are shy and do take some time to settle into new environments and meet new people, but once they know you they are sweet and playful. They are about 4-5 months old and are scheduled to be spayed/neutered soon. Chevy is a longhaired male cat (likely a Mainecoon X) who is quite a lot larger than his sister. The two get along well and could be adopted together, but they could also go to separate homes as long as their are other cats for them to play with.

Chevy is a very playful kitten with a spunky personality. He has the typical bursts of energy expected from a kitten but settles down to enjoy his cuddles too once he’s tired. He “growls” when attacking or pouncing on his mouse toy. Chevy absolutely loves to play and will find something to play with if you don’t provide adequate or proper kitten-safe stimulation and activities. He gets along well with this sister, Nova, and he doesn’t seem too bothered by other cats or noisy dogs passing by him.

Both of these kittens went through a period of time where they didn’t have routine access to food so they will gorge themselves when they eat. Therefore, they will both need to have a regular feeding routine to ensure that they are not overweight. Chevy will also need to have regular grooming as he grown because of his long coat. He seems curious of calm dogs but is not comfortable with children.

If you are interested in meeting with Chevy (and/or Nova) please visit to apply.