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Missing from Mt. Doug Area


Nickel was last seen on the evening of Sunday September 16th in our backyard (Jamaica Rd. – below Mt. Douglas Park). He wandered off and never came home that night. Both his human family and his litter-mate “Sterling” miss him dearly. Nickel is an all-grey neutered male with a tattoo in his ear. We are desperately trying to locate him. If you have any information please call ASAP. Thank you for your help…

Missing Special-Needs Cat

cfax cat.jpg

Six-month-old Mocha has been missing for two days from the Hillside area. She is a Chocolate Point Himalayan and needs special medication. Call 250-217-3629 if you see Mocha.

Missing Cat


Our cat Zack has not come home since September long weekend. He is a beautiful friendly cat who likes to be patted. His name is Zack, he is 4 years old and neutered. He is very fluffy, BLACK AND WHITE, his belly is white, he also has a snaggle tooth. He has gone missing from Colwood, around Donovan, Kelly area. If you see him please let me know. sdennis_007@hotmail.com.

Sukey is Missing


Sukey is a chocolate point Siamese X cat. She was last seen on Aug 30th around Marigold & Jasmine Ave near Burnside & Interurban. She was wearing a pink & orange camouflage collar with ID. Her name, address & phone # are in the ID barrel tag. She also has a tattoo in her right ear that reads RJ11Y. If you have any information regarding Sukey's whereabouts please contact Sonya at 250-727-9735.

Lola is Missing


MISSING: My cat Lola is missing. She is a dilute tortoiseshell and is grey and white with small patches of orange. Last seen: In back yard at 5pm, Monday July 9. Cat appearance: Grey and white with interspersed patches of orange. White paws, belly and mouth/nose area, she has an orange spot on her forehead and left ear. Soft, high meow. 18 months - indoor / outdoor. Loves to be outside but not known to be a wanderer. Cat is affectionate and is the dominant one (she has a sister).

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