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Hershey - Adoption Pending

Hershey & Snickers.JPG

Hershey is a sleek little black Berkshire rat who is looking for a home with his brother, Snickers. They were born June 19th.


Aero 2.JPG

Aero is an adorable little black-self, Dumbo rat who is looking for a home with his brother, KitKat. They were born June 19th.

Cannoli & Cashew - Adoption Pending

cannelloni & Cashew.jpg

Cannoli & Cashew are a bonded pair of hooded rats who are looking for a home together. They were born June 11th and will be ready to go early August. Cannoli is the adventurous one of the pair. She is inquisitive, active, and always on the go. She loves to spend time out of her cage and interact with new things. Cashew is a little bit shier than her sister but is still curious and warms up quickly once she gets some time to get used to a new face. Both girls are sweet and easy to handle.

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