Niles - Adoption Pending


This sweet little face belongs to Niles. He came to us from Animal Control after being found abandoned at a bus stop as a baby. He had a pneumonia when we first got him but he's doing much better now. He will always be a carrier of Mycoplasma so could be prone to future colds if he's under stress for any reason.

Niles wasn't handled much as a youngster, so he's a bit shy. He will tolerate being picked up and held, but he usually has better things to do than to sit still. He's not difficult to handle at all, he just wants to run off and explore the big wide world.

Rats are social creatures and Niles is really lamenting being alone. He will do best in a home with other rats so that he will have buddies. Because he's a bit shy and quite squirmy, he wont be the right pet for a child or a first time rat owner. However, if you're comfortable handling rats, he's a really sweet guy.

If you're interested in Niles, please contact us at and tell us a bit about your family.