Christopher Robin Needs Your Help!

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN UPDATE: He managed to pull through on Wednesday night and remains in stable but delicate condition at VCA Canada Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital. While he does seem to be breathing with less effort after 36 hours on IV antibiotics, he is still dependent on the ICU oxygen incubator. At this time the vets are fairly sure that he is battling severe pneumonia, but if he isn’t starting to improve a bit more rapidly by tomorrow, they may need to change his treatment plan a bit.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed already to help Christopher Robin in his fight. Every dollar makes a difference and will help with this very large vet bill. If you are able to help, it will be so much appreciated. Find out about the different way that you can donate at If you can’t help by donating at this time, please share Christopher Robin’s story. Keep reading to see the original story that was posted about Christopher Robin.


Our sweet little Christopher Robin is in the ICU tonight at VCA Canada Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital fighting for his life and he needs your help. While we don’t know anything about his early days, we know that this poor soul has been through a lot in his short life (he’s only about 4 months old). He is the sweetest, most gentle kitten and has really won all of our hearts. Can you help?Prior to coming into our care, Christopher Robin was picked up by a bird of prey and dropped from an unknown height. He sustained lacerations from the bird’s talons, which required surgery to fix. Once he started to heal up, the rescue group that had originally taken him, transferred him to VPAS for continuing care and to help find him a forever home.

While he initially appeared to be healing well, the last few days his foster noticed that his breathing had increased, and he was feeling a bit more sluggish. He has been at the vet for the last few days, but today Christopher Robin began to decline more rapidly and has landed in the ICU. He is requiring oxygen therapy and very close monitoring. While the cause of his troubles is not yet confirmed (despite his xrays being seen by multiple specialists) they believe that he may be battling a severe case of pneumonia, so he has been started on several strong antibiotics. Given the severity of his respiratory problems there are no guarantees, but we are going to do everything we can to help Christopher Robin recover from this horrible ordeal and give him the life that he deserves.

Any contribution will help; the estimate for 48 hours in the ICU is $4,000-$5,000 but this sweet, loving soul is worth every penny. There are several ways that you can help Christopher Robin. Donations can be made via PayPal (including with credit card), or via E-Transfer. Tax receipts can be issued upon request for donations of $20 or more. Visit for more info about how you can help. Everything is appreciated.

Thank you!