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Introducing Uno! This sweet, loving cat has had a bit of a rough time lately, and she’s ready to find the perfect home. She is looking for a family that is laid back enough to have a calm vibe, but where someone is interested in playing with her when she has the zoomies.

In January, Uno was found in a feral cat colony, trying to get some food and companionship. However, if was immediately obvious that she was not a feral cat! Upon investigation, it was discovered that Uno was abandoned by her family when her owner went to jail, and she started hanging out at the feral cat colony to survive. When Uno was found she was skinny, had a terrible ear mite infestation, and she had multiple, painfully broken teeth. Despite how terrible Uno must have been feeling, she was so happy to have human companionship again, that she started purring and snuggling with her rescuers right away. The vet has estimated Uno at about 7 years old.

It took us several months to get Uno ready for adoption. She needed her ear problems treated, she had to be spayed, and Uno had multiple dental surgeries to address her broken teeth. She is now healthy and is ready to find her forever home.

Uno is a very sweet and loving cat. She likes to spend time with her people, but she also likes to spend time on her own in her kitty room. She loves to burrow under blankets and hide herself away when she’s in the mood to nap. However, once she’s refueled, Uno loves to chase her toys around the house, and bat crumpled pieces of paper around the bath tub. Once Uno started recovering from her past and physical issues, she really started to come out of her shell. She loves to be involved in everything and is quiet active.

Although we haven’t seen Uno around other animals since she’s been with us, we suspect that she would be fine in a home with another adult or senior cat that has a similar personality. She seemingly got along well with the other cats in the feral colony that she was living in. She also seems to do just find on her own and would be OK as an only-pet as well. We get the impression that Uno would not be happy in a home with dogs. Although Uno enjoys the company of people, she doesn’t like the fast moves and loud sounds that children make. She will do best in an adult-only home, or perhaps one with calm/quiet teens.

If you’d like to adopt Uno, please visit our website at to learn about our adoption process and for our online adoption application.