TumTum & Cinder


two kittens

Tumtum & Cinder are siblings and are looking for a home together. When they came to us 3 months ago, they we’re super shy, scared kittens. They wouldn’t leave their cat house and shook when their foster mom tried to touch them. It was simply heartbreaking. Bit by little bit, Tumtum would come out of his hiding spot and let his foster mom touch him, but just ever-so-slightly. Things have changed quite a bit since then, but he’s still very shy and we have to move slowly around him and his sister.

Tumtum can be quite snuggly and loves his tummy rubbed, hence his name, Tumtum. He also drools when he’s really happy ?.

Cinder is still quite shy, and doesn’t like to be touched too much. She much prefers to watch from a distance. Although if you approach her with some treats and walk slowly with your hand out, she may just take a chin rub or two!

Tumtum and Cinder are huge fans of soft food and will come to meet you at the door when its squishy food time!! Tumtum seems to give Cinder the confidence she needs so we feel it is important for this pair to find a home together.

Both kittens LOVE LOVE LOVE the company of other cats! You can see their personality just instantly come alive as soon as another kitty comes around. They also love play time almost more than food time. They would really like to go to a home where there are existing adult cats to help show them how to come out of their shells. Neither kitten will be comfortable in a home with children.

These two will probably be pretty shy kitties to start and will need time and patience, and lots of treats to help them settle into their new home. A feline experienced home will be a must for this pair.

Visit www.victoriapets.ca for adoption information and our application. Please note that due to increasing numbers of COVID-19 in our province, in an effort to minimize risk to our foster homes and discourage non-essential travel, we will only be considering adoptions on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands at this time.