Spooky & Boo

Adoption Pending

Spooky & Boo are a brother/sister pair who came to us just before Halloween. They are very bonded to one another so are looking for a home together. These poor dears were dumped in a field (along with their mother) when they were about 5-6 weeks old, and while we don’t know what circumstances lead up to that happening, we do know that they were well-socialized kittens and probably spent their first weeks in a family home. They are both out-going, social, friendly, and curious kittens who are in good health. Now that they’re old enough to find their forever home, they are looking for a family that will keep them together.

Spooky & Boo are typical kittens. They are playful, love toys, love to climb, and enjoy interacting with and cuddling with their humans. They are well-balanced little guys who should fit well into most homes. We have not yet seen this pair around children but since they are social, we suspect that they will be OK with older kids. While we have not seen them around other cats, we don’t anticipate any problems introducing them to any existing cats in the home. We do know that these kittens do not like dogs. Their mother REALLY hated dogs and taught these guys that dogs are scary. So they are already afraid of dogs at this early age.

Both kittens have long hair so will probably require regular grooming as they age. They are easy to handle and enjoy brushing (when they are willing to sit still long enough for them to be brushed) so it should be fairly easy in the future.

This pair will make a great addition to their new home. If you’d like to adopt them, please visit https://victoriapets.ca/adoption-process/ for more information.